the press@money for the arts #6

Posted on februarie 18, 2012


Most important articles connecting money and the arts from the 4th week of 2012 (February 6 – 12)

what goes into an exhibition Crowd sourcing a little curatorial control | Art Threat

fighting to get more of a certain kind of role in arts work The Stage / News / Theatres must join fight for older women’s roles – Equity

protests against cuts in the arts world/ prizes Grammy gala to be met by protest – Arts & Entertainment – CBC News

boycott over monopolystic practices in the publishing market Amazon Publishing bookshop boycott grows | Books |

gender distribution among arts professionals Why there are so few female composers | Kerry Andrew |

audiences for arts today – structure based on income/ income as raison d’etre  From Warhol to Murakami: pop art hasn’t lost its soul, it’s selling it | Art and design |

arts market analysis Art market analysis: A market in need of supervision – The Art Newspaperpo

political interference in the leadership of public arts institutions Hungary’s government tightens grip on arts – The Art Newspaper

contested criterias for writing contests Romance Writers Ink Chapter Cancels Contest – GalleyCat

burglaries, scams, art works Bungled attempts at bagging a Banksy – The Art Newspaper

art prizes BBC News – Art Fund Prize longlist revealed

the benefits 9and costs) of public subsidies for the arts Ten years of free entry, but can it last? – The Art Newspaper

justifications of functions in the arts cycle from creation to consumption Memo to publishers: Remind us why you exist again? — Tech News and Analysis

structure of sponsorships in the arts world America’s 50 top philanthropists include 12 arts donors –

life-long learning and training needs of arts professionals The Stage / News / Arts workers need more training and investment, says government

The architecture meltdown – Art in Crisis –

who is the audience of film festivals The Berlin Film Festival – a banquet for a city of cineastes | Culture column | DW.DE | 10.02.2012

functions, nature and restoration of past art works and material – how past becomes heritage Flaming Pictures: Debate on Saving Historic Films Explodes – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

alternative juries to established art events Grammy Awards: 5 New York Grandmothers Pick The Winners In ‘Grammies On The Grammys’ (VIDEO)

national cultural promotion Icelandic Cultural Exports We Love (VIDEO)

solutions to financial difficulties for the cultural industries Kodak a găsit soluţia la ieşirea din insolvenţă. Compania renunţă la produsele care au făcut-o cunoscută timp de 120 de ani – camerele foto | Ziarul Financiar

perceived threats over „culture” Cultura, victimă colaterală –

uses of the term „culture” in the business world and its status in the cycle of the organization Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch | Fast Company