the press@money for the arts #5

Posted on februarie 9, 2012


Most important articles connecting money and the arts from the 4th week of 2012 (January 30 – February 5)

purposeful public funding aims at reducing disparities in regional cultural offer The Stage / News / Arts Council England launches £37 million engagement fund

new collective deals for artists N.Y. Philharmonic Musicians’ Agreement Sees 2% Raise for 2012 – Businessweek

success story of an independent theatre in obtaining and mainting funding Signature Theater Opens New Home in a Frank Gehry Building –

music royalties collection and distribution to artists Artists: SoundExchange Has Free Money For You, No Nigerian Princes Involved | Fast Company

innovation in the musical world in the age of Internet and free sharing Tunetul muzicii | Das Cloud

managing survival in the movie industry Dreamworks Caught in a Real-Life Drama –

the making of succesful artists through exhibitions/shows Picasso, Tate, 1960: the world’s first ‘art blockbuster’ | Art and design | The Observer

how taxation is remembered/talked about in the arts Tax in literature – quiz | Books |

arts auctions Lucian Freud portrait of restaurateur goes up for auction | Art and design | The Guardian

paying the rent, living the space Antony Gormley: Don’t criminalise squatting | Art and design | The Guardian

financial struggles of arts institutions Everyman Theatre launches £1m appeal | UK news |

financial success of arts institutions West end theatres cheered by rise in revenues | Stage | The Guardian

the logics of pricing for museums £20 for an exhibition – are museums fooling the public, or themselves? | Charles Saatchi | Comment is free |

implications of ACTA for users and the movie industry Ce păţeşti dacă descarci filme de pe internet, conform ACTA – Mediafax

dynamics of the arts market Auction Houses Clean Up as Art Gains Appeal –

dynamics of the arts market Piaţa de artă: Cum se vede arta când nu te uiţi la ea

arts auctions For $250 Million, Qatar Buys One of Cézanne’s The Card Players, the Priciest-Ever Painting | Culture | Vanity Fair

challenging the purpose and services offered by established cultural institutions Behind the music: What do record labels actually do? You’d be surprised | Music |

financial struggels of arts institutions El Liceu cerrará a finales de marzo y también en junio

inside collections and collecting arts’ appeal Collecting: Surrealism’s Startling Appeal –

transitions in the support of arts institutions in the context of the financial crisis Dancers Flow In to Koch Theater After Opera’s Exit –

arts auctions CEL MAI SCUMP TABLOU din lume a fost cumpărat de familia regală din Qatar. Vezi cât a costat | Romania Libera

implications of ACTA Director ORDA, despre ACTA: „Poliţia poate intra şi acum în casele oamenilor, dar nu în cazul unei melodii sau a unui film”.

reactions to ACTA Proteste mondiale pe 11 februarie | Romania Libera

public funding for festivals Festivalul Internaţional de Film Transilvania, finanţat cu 2 milioane de lei de Ministerul Culturii – Mediafax

European campaign for support of culture by European institutions Eurozine – We are more! – Eurozine News Item

the complexities of managerial models for artistic products distribution A la caza del ‘best-seller’ digital español | Cultura | EL PAÍS

when money spoils a band’s come back Black Sabbath Drummer Says He Objects to ‘Unsignable Contract’ –

best-selling cultural products valorise heritage Graphic Books Best Sellers: Stan Lee Puts a Sci-Fi Twist on Shakespeare –

funding for cultural infrastructure Wilton’s Music Hall gets £700,000 capital boost | Culture |

traits for failure or success Why black British actors are heading for the US | Television & radio | The Observer

solutions to the development of the publishing industry A Crowdfunded Approach To Setting E-Books Free | paidContent

artists fees as themes of independent performing concrete RECENZIE: Refuz să cresc. Dacă puteți face o mică donație – INDEPENDENT 84

the need of prizes in the literature world Literature – Focus on Literature – Goethe-Institut 

investment in Cultural Capitals and reactions of cultural professionals Macedonian Artists Keep Silent Over Skopje 2014 :: Balkan Insight

the consequences of ACTA Observator Cultural – Cînd comerţul bate libertatea individuală – de Iulia Popovici